H.P PATs 14 Years Service seeking Not Enough For Dept. To Become JBTs….What A Pity..?

PATs Carrier||PATs 14Years Services||

Dear Fellow Friends,

  • Himachal Pradesh is one of the best state in whole India.You can take any concerned issue related to …
  • Peace–Peoples of HP are peace loving.Close your eyes and run hard through out India ,You will get better reply.
  • Growth wise–Country is running with the GDP growth between 5% to 6.5 % but HP has its growth 7.5% data advocates about it.Even this state is a hilly and very less amount of Industrialization,agriculturally marginal.
  • Defense Services–Most of the young generation love to serve the nation through joining Defense services.Its again keep the state high in Pride.
  • Education–
  1. It is one of the top activity that is carried over in the state .Here all children of age group 6 to 14 years are going to school.The goal that is fixed –Universalize the education is done on top priority by the govts of the state with the help of their agencies…
  • Friends–-Primary education is the foundation of any nation or state or territory’s growth.In HP you have haired all about the rewards and awards given by MHRD and even applauded by NCTE in running years and past years.
  • Friends,Think about this ..Why the state is not known better in  higher education in comparison  to Basic education.?
  • It is all because of the hard work,courage,determination,standardization in teaching  of teachers who are teaching to the basic section of schooling specially in Primary section.
  • Governments are sincere about the education of needy people and committed to fulfill the target of Globalization of education in HP state.
  • In this concerned HP govt appointed PATs in 2003 to 2007 .When there was alarming need of teachers in Primary schools and as school  without teachers were running  .It was academic hazard for scholars of that time. Govt of that time framed Policy, all the 3400 PATs were appointed …
  • All the Indicators are taken in consideration before appointments—

  1. Education – As per Availability of education standard 10+2 took in consideration which is basic of education at Primary Level.
  2. Merit –Merit of qualification took in consideration,
  3. Roaster--Roaster also put as barrier so that all the sections of society should get equal opportunities .
  4. Training–Friends, Training is also an important indicator required for any skilled version job.For this HP Govt.dept. made maximum efforts…
  • e.g…….1. Training to these teachers is made final after their 8 to 9 years of their services…What a dept. it is…?
  • Next…..2.Training form 2010 to 2012 is again cancelled by Dept…The Question is this training of two years is carried over in DIETs which are the institutions established according to NCTE to complete the goals of Globalization of Primary education through out India.About 650 DIETs are working all over India.But these teachers training is cancelled.What a pity.?
  • SyllabusSyllabus for these teachers is also framed in relation to JBT course which is presently running in India.What a Pity ..that syllabus and syllabus developers are under these teachers interrogation..?
  • Two  years training of these teachers,their efforts to become a trained teacher all gone wasted even all program is put in dustbin by the dept..What a Pity…?
  • It also shows the mentality of dept.not to provide skilled teachers to scholars.Otherwise after PATs joining in schools must be provided training first so that these such days may not to to be sen by them.
  • These appointments,
  • These Training,
  • These years .…all gone waste, not by these teachers but by the others who Claims to be the Owners of these teachers.
  • During these years ..neither PATs are  regularized nor sent out by department…only used ….Today their —
  •  Their Families,
  • Their Parents,need medical helps,
  • Their Children are .facing barriers for education due to economical failure of these teachers for higher education..
  • Economically these teachers get weaker …What a pity…?
  • Even these teachers could not go for higher education….since govt have no separate permission for improvement of their education standard.

Court order on These Teachers||13 teen Feb,2017 orders||

  • Friends,
  • These all teachers  faced uneven situations  from dept. side,From govt.side and even from court side..This case is running form  7 years and still its  completion is unknown…..what a pity..on court speed and judiciary system…?
  • When PATs recruited on these posts they were not trained ..it is right…but it is also true that there was hardly any JBT available in employment exchange.
  • What RTE, 2009  says—
  • Any teacher after 5 years on same post get trained…….,
  • Any teacher after 10 years of service get confirmed.
  • Law of Country says no one should be exploited ..Whom PATs exploited…..PATs bonded like a glue the education structure of state..
  • Mr.Pankaj who is calming for these jobs and saying PATs are illegal on these posts…is again pity that ..A child who get education in the class room and complete their basic education  as get young start calming in the court that my teachers are illegal and untrained…….what a court who is listening the matter in tortoise speed…
  • In one hand court says that all the employees must get equal pay if they are on same post…(Contractual or out source or regular).
  • Friends,
  • High court case judgement was registered in supreme court as SLP 1426 …From high court to supreme court cases are registered as in the form of SLP.It can be dismissed there…but it could not.Govt.Policy and our appointment are found wrong in the first phase of argument.
  • Now case SPL 1426 over and out.
  • This case changed in to civil suit.It will be thoroughly checked on academic merit…on priority base…..but it will take 3 to 5 years minimum.
  • Court has not thrashed out you…you have given a relief to work as a teacher where you are …till last judgement to come.
  • Here we have few days to exercise with govt.Once the case will restart …Mr. Pankaj will get stay on this case …There after every thing will get over…No question,No request,No exercise will left …because most of PATs  will retire till the  result will come…

Now the Question is why Dept….doing Drama….?Not accepting it that Qua-Status has  removed…

  • Friends,
  •  Court Order ‘s merit don’t give  free hands  to the dept to regularize these teachers..
  • These orders only says for further recruitment through Commission/Procedure..
  • Friends,
  • Dept.should take steps on priority base to get in all PATs because it is govt.policy that is challenged in court not PATs are challenged…I mean You are trained now having qualification as per NCTE norms.
  • Even CM Sahib has already made announcement in Budget speech 2016. to regularized PATs as per NCTE norms.
  • It is the duty of officers to save us .”They are their to work for us “and “we are there to work for society.”
  • If they cannot do their best they should leave their posts and if PATs cannot serve better for society they should also leave their posts…Very clear cut…message should go to Administration..


  • With this positive note …concluding that….
  • We are the saplings of CM Sahib ,He knows our grievances better…in coming days all PATs are hopeful and believe that CM will do their great job which is left to done  and even we all know that their working capacities and style… is always remarkable !!!
  • With this note ..
  • .Be unite ,
  • Made request to Cm only ,
  • Remind them their Budget Promise,
  • Keep in touch with them  where ever they meet..Because you are also serving at every knock and corner of HP.
  • You receive them and remind them respectfully and gracefully!!
  • If some one hurt.by these words…………Please Pardon Me||||

Jai Hind !!

Jai PATs Unity!!

Jai HO HP Govt!!

Jai Himachal ||||||


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