In Tough Situation PATs Regularization Is confirmed in coming Days or Months….!!

PATs Regularization||On the Basis of 13|2|2017 Orders||

Dear Fellow Friends,

  • Today is 23rd ,March…Martyr Day.I wish you all the very best for this Day…!
  • Friends,  We as PATs made enough contribution for the betterment of the society.You 3400 PATs got an opportunity to serve as a teacher at grass root level where the dept was in tough situation.
  • In such alarming situation govt. of that time made a short cut way for the appointment of PATs.But whatever it was ..It was a good decision of the provide teachers to all those small kids who come to school to get edu….even most of them are   from poor families.

In Tough Situation PATs Regularization Is confirmed in coming Days or Months….!!

  • Friends ,Our Martyrs …Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukh Dev …have their bad luck..because they fought and brought Freedom in the country for their country men but they couldn’t survive their lives to see the growing tree of “”FREE BHARAT””from Britishers!!
  • Friends…Same is the situation with PATs…You made similar efforts for the betterment of the society….This is another issue that you could not be regularized in time bond manner..As it should be…

PATs Regularization || Confirmed In Coming Days or Months||

  • Friends,Now many of you you will say we are waiting for Regularization  from years & months and even I have seen thoughts and views and aggression  of many friends on Whats app….many friends say….Now enough is enough…..
  • But I have different look and view on PATs related regularization……You may or may not be satisfied…But Its my duty to wrote …..The Present situation to make you familiar with the situation….It is a route that govt is developing for you in this tough situation...

  • Dear Friends…You know before 13-2-2017 you were in the court under trail ..In the eyes of Low ..Equal opportunities and equal Justice.Friends it is the govt.who brought present orders in your favor not PATs…I know PATs also made their efforts but finally who provide you interim relief..Its govt.
  • Now the orders are in your favor in sense ….1….Court has made a safe route for PATs to work as a teacher in their respected post at least.2...Court don’t want to send out trained teachers from their jobs..
  • But we want to regularize because ….we are rendering our  services from 10 to 14 years..
  • Friend,Just think ..PARA were trained from their first day of appointment ..You know better ..But they are regularized after 10 years completion of their services…..Why …because there is already many judgements in this regard made by supreme court..on 10 years service..
  • Many PATs still fall short in their 10 years of services to get regularized…Now you will say ..Those who have completed their 10 years they should be regularized ….It means those teachers who are B.Ed [PATs]should be regularized so early.4 years back  Is not ..?..
  • I am writing all this because many teachers are in hurry…They can spoil the carrier of those who hold their nerve better..It will again a Drama ..That earlier had occurred in 2010…Because in last 10-14 years many PATs got expertise at least in Politics … Friends still we have enough time to stay with have given your precious period of life ..So next few days or months will be productive for your carrier..Don’t handover your precious carrier in the hands of Beggars.Become choosers of your future..Don’t play like Puppets in the hands of others...!!!
  • What the govt can do next in this situation…..!!!After 13-2-2017

  • Friends present orders are not clear cut for PATs ..Or you can say these orders of court don’t direct to the govt to regularize PATs…But the possibilities in these orders are enough to regularize PATs…
  • Just ask A Question… To your SOUL …If govt move in hurry take a decisive step to regularize PATs…It will be easy to Pankaj and His Lawyer Parshant Bhushan  to challenge you in the court…And than you know what will be the result ..You donot know ..court will thrush you out..Do you want such situation should originate in front of you…I would never …..!!!
  • So Stay cool,stay healthy and stay smart….Move parallel with the CM,Move parallel with the Dept.,Move parallel with the working community at Dist. and state level……
  • It is easy to criticize to any one..But it is difficult to give a goal oriented healthy Plan..which help to sail your Boat one shore to another…..where PATs wants to go..!!
  • Friends,One important thing   that yesterday came in public Domain is …Extension to all Temporary teachers all over India..This relaxation will be given  till 2019 to all requisites state including HP.
  • It is also a good news to B.Ed PATs …Now their PDP crush course will be done easily by dept. after your regularization.
  • This relaxation is a set back to Pankaj and his colleagues and even to his Lawyer..Mungayree Lal ke Hasheen Sapne ..PATs ko Bahar Nikalna…Sub mitti ho Giya….Hum win win position main aa chuke Haan Dosto….
  • Friends,  Rakkar PATs … have got appointment from Lawyer Vinod Sharma Supreme court Lawyer on 27-3-2017 at his residence …at 4/5 Pm ..Hopefully we will share all points in detail  after discussion..
At last one thing that I want to made you clear …On the present orders 13-2-2017 planning to frame a policy for Pats which will safe you in all situations in future…That is why govt is taking time…
  • So hope for the best ..Your policy might be good and in your complete favor ..I would say…
  • Stay healthy,Stay Smart….
  • God Bless You!
  • It is my wish to see you as “A Regular Teacher”‘ Soon…So where ever and when ever we meet any where ….Feel Proud..!! Even at Home and in the Society!!
  • Good Luck…!!
  • Jai PATs Unity..!!

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