PATs are in win Position, CM Made safe route Even after Court Orders of 13teen Feb,2017

PATs Victory||PATs Success||

  • Dear Fellow Friends,

  • Congratulation…….Accept””” Regular Word””You got every thing from the govt…

  • Today I am again came here  my friends to discuss  some points and quarries even after CM Sahib has made a safe route for your success.
  • Friends, How you got this success,is a story of struggle of 3400 PATs.From  last 10-12 months your issues are dealt   by Himralji and his team.Besides this most of the districts presidents also supported him ..I don’t know many of them but i also solute to all them.Specially to my district president Preetpal Chauhanji.
  • All others who were concerned to their Block and heartily they were connected to PATs issues  in positive way…I put  my Salute in their honor!!

PATs are in win Position, CM Made safe route Even after Court Orders of 13teen Feb,2017

  • Friends, some teachers are very sad because their critics/ Phrase/Poems/Slogans/could not stop the working of state body.And at the end of the day State Body”s efforts turned fruitful for rest of the PATs Lobby 3400.

Barriers in the way of PATs regularization—

  • Friends still three hurdles are in the way of  PATs Regularization—

  • 1…since PATs case is in Supreme court and
  • 2…still your legibility e.g.TET ,that you don’t have..
  • 3…6 months PDP program is not done yet..

CM commitment for PATs||Even in tough situation||

  • Dear friends...Supreme court orders [13teen Feb,2017 ] merit don’t allow to State govt. to regularize PATs.As the opinion made on orders by PP Rao on the demand of Edu.Sec….Direct that if Govt. regularized this community..It will be Contempt to Court ||
  • Here PP Rao opinion superseded AG ‘s Opinion which AG of HP has made to the Govt. and Edu. Dept. of Himachal Pradesh for regularization of PATs by policy without any condition ..
  •  At the same time PP Roa had made another opinion to the govt. of HP ..He had advised to the govt. that you can give Equal Pay  for Equal Work..
  • This formula got fit for PATs in this tough situation.and CM was also satisfied by the Opinion of AG and PP Roa …There after the govt of HP decided to give PATs “Regular Pay” as a regular JBT avails..

What are the recommendation

made by

AG  to the Govt. of HP for PATs|||

  1. Regular Pay scale of JBT  for PATs ..
  2. Yearly Increment for PATs..
  3. Seniority form back date 01-04-2017will be counted  once PATs will win this case in supreme court…

What does it means…Aap Regular savad ke Bena bhi Regular Hone ki Dahleez Per Pauncha Deye ..CM Sahib ne…I salute to CM Sahib ji ...

  • Friends..What we should do next to safe ourselves from court in Pro-Active Manner….

  1. Go for Dept.TET as early as possible..
  2. Go for 6 months PDP Program for B.Ed PATs..
  3. These developments  thereafter can be put  on the table of Judges…I am sure your complete Edu.for the holding post can save you and thereafter judges judgement can be in PATs favor..

Friends..Don’t run for calculation of Salary yet….Wait for notification…There after you can….Accordingly…!!!

  • Appeal……

  • Friends..Still  long way to go…Legal Opinions say ….Still our case in court is weak….we are only 40% as winner of our case.It will be in our favor once you will have TET and PDP..
  • Don’t wait for S. Court orders ..where court will direct us for TET and at that time you will loose your ground.So become competent in Qualifying TET.


  • Support State Body by all Means….Tan,Man and Dhan…””..Pursarath Karna Hoga””
  • Leg Pulling Band Karnee Hogi””Because it scale down the progress…
  • Subko Kaam karna Hoga…
  • Subko contribute karna Hoga..


  • Now you will be financially in good position..From here on you can tackle your S. Court case in better way..
  • Aap  Sub Bandhuyon Ko ……CM ke “”” HISTORICAL Faishley”” per Naaz Hona Chahiye …
  • Himralji VA Unki Team Ko Badhayee!!!            Lot of thanks…..!!!!
  • Supreme Court Ki Team ko Bhi Humare Subkamnaye…Lot of Thanks!!!
  • Aap 3400 PATs ke Subhi Dreams Fulfill hon….!!!

Next Time ….On next Topic……Till then Godbye…!!

Jai PATs Unity!!!Jai Himachal|||Jai Ho CM Sahib ji ki||


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