Dear fellow friends,

  • After many many days I am again here back for hot discussion on PATs related issues.Today 22nd July it was”“”” HP University Establishment  Day of Summer Hill Shimla..””” So I pass my good memories and congrats to those PATs who are the products of this HP University.And now serving the society as a teacher designated as PATs.
  • Friends tomorrow is Indian Fag Day …I also salute my “”Tricolor“”who is the sign of our freedom where ever it stands on Indian Territory or Abroad.
  • Friends, where is the Freedom of PATs…This is my Question and I feel it is also the alarming question running in your minds from many years.


  • Friends, we are suffering today from such type of disease which is neither hereditary nor transmitted but it is injected by the established system in 3400 PATs ..The name of this disease is ...PATs POlicy””
  • Our policy brought in function without taking R&P rules ….That is why we are hanged over there from 14teen years in the eyes of ….



3..Law Department and in the eyes of


Friends ,we are discarded every where at these 4 governance offices….

  • Now what you have left after 14yeen years..Think on it.


Number of teachers were trained from day one of appointment ..Even they were considered as trained teachers .For their required qualification they were paid extra Honorarium…They were not considered trained by chance but it is in the Law of NCTE.But they are also kept as slave for 14teen years and now they are being paid ”’Emolument”‘ in place of”’Honorarium’”without making any substantial development in the education of already trained teachers after 14teen years.If they deserve for this today ..It means they were deserve in past after completion of their 8years of regular service or after 10 years of regular service they might be regularized  as RTE,2009 and  our Supreme court says… So I am sorry to say that we were hold their for other reasons..

No one can disobey the law of land ..But it happened with these teachers..Otherwise you can be regularized in Dec,2014 with Secondary Para Teachers. No Law changed in Assembly or Parliament ,No line of rule added  in education code  ,No change in qualification but it took 14teen years even to give Emolument such teachers.


  • Number of teachers  have to run for D.E.Ld .It took historical time in the history of courses more than 4-6 years to completion of their Diploma..It took time more than a time taken to complete MBBS degree and the way of working like Indian Nation sweet ““Jalavi”“” But thank god it ended at good note .At least they are feeling relaxed after receiving their ”Certificates””. But it is again a pity that they got their D.E.Ld after 13/14 years of their service.During this period these teachers were awarded only Honorarium ..Even our Honorable Supreme court says ““Equal work -Equal Pay“”. Here in this case some development shows that this community at least got their certificates and they are also be given ”Emolument “‘for their services after 14 years .


  • Friends, We all know the complete orders of Honorable Supreme Court passed in Feb,2017...PATs cannot be regularized until court made final judgement on our Policy framed by our government.
  • But you see our situation “”If court is not ready than Govt is also not taking it seriously or cannot go against the S. Court..OK.It is not me it is the Interpretation made by PP.Rao on the file of PATs which was prepared by the department  and further put on PP.Rao’s table Delhi on the behalf of Law Sec. and Education sec by Deputy AG. Dinesh thakur.
  • What PP.Rao’s opinion says--You   know that “””Substantial “””Benefits …can be given to PATs for their services for the same post these working for.But these “”Substantial Benefits”” are still far far away only “”Emolument”“What a Pity..?

It means Neither Regularization nor Substantial Benefits….Than GOD knows……after 14teen years what the department looking for PATs.



  • State Body held a meeting on 21st July ,2017 as A General House at Chakkar in Shimla …But it was totally based on “”

    “Viyaktivishesh not on Muddavishesh“”I mean it was hopeless call .It has no Agenda and It has no future Plan.

  • One line that came out as a conclusion is that …If any  PAT who feel more intelligent or Like must go for HAS or IAS..Again what a Pity my friends….

Dear colleagues..

  • Now i want to conclude with this not that Since case is in S. Court and case is Leave Grant..Case can be reopened by putting request letter to Chief Justice of India ..since this case is related to larger community more than 3400 families .But my  urgent request to …..
  • State Body,
  • All Districts Panels
  • Block panels and
  • To 3400 PATs
  • Try for getting substantial Benefits of this post for that you  are working….Because these benefits don’t come in the limit of contempt of court…Neither these benefits are disobey of court orders.Make your coming years secure..!!

Kindly try to Understand my words .

Go down in its mean.

Don’t take it otherwise.

If some one hurt from my words ..I get apologize.

  • Again I pass my good wishes to all 3400 PATs on the eve of “””Flag Day””on 23rd July every year..You might  be succeeded in coming Days..!
  • Jai Hind !
  • Jai Himachal !
  • Jai PATs Unity ..!!
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