Some PATs Are Playing Abracadabra without Knowing the S.C.Orders made on13-2-2017

PATs ||A Beautiful society||Back Bone of Primary Section||

Dear Fellow Friends,

  • You are so nice and unsung heroes in Lower Primary section of my state.You have achieved nos of mile stones in last ten to 14 years.By giving your 200% only on by getting 10 to 20% reward of your working in this dept.The result sre so good by your efforts that today a survey or you can say”””Aser Assessment “””has declared HP at TOP..  I salute you by heart and i am obliged by your-working and  unity as a whole.
  • Friends,Today i want to touch some points that  must be addressed in such situation which  are  alarming….

  1. Friends, You are challenged in court..since 2011.
  2. In 2012 you are supposed to be dismissed because of some deformities in recruitment…But by the efforts of our leading PATs you could be able to manage in your services in 2014.
  3. Listen it was not fully your efforts but govt of 2014 ..I mean present govt made a safe route for you to come out from High court with respect.Why you sent out because we were untrained.PTA were even appointed by Pradhan but they don’t have such type of stigma on their face..

.Some PATs Are Playing Abracadabra without Knowing the S.C.Orders made on13-2-2017ace.

  1. What was the base of your freedom from the court..Perhaps you know it well…Only our services for society as a teacher.On the mercy of court you are exempted..It was the present govt who file affidavit that we are going to train this community of teachers as per NCTE norms.
  2. But friends as you won the battle in high court in Dec,2014..Neither you were trained nor your services were completed  10 years ,so you could not be regularized.
  3. There after in 2015  PATs again challenged in Supreme Court SLP 1426.As the High court decision put on the table of Registrar in Supreme Court   by the  Opposite party Registrar court Put QUO-Status on the judgement of High Court till any decision or final judgement .
  4. Friends,on 13-2-2017 an important day came in our life..But since the Opposite Lawyer had some points which might be able to impress the Judges.
  5. So this case Put in “”Grant Leave””Now this case will again move as it was earlier in high Court.But two things which are always in your favor are…1..High court Judgement and..2.Govt is in your favor.So we can hope it will finish in your favor.
  6. Because three points are there in your favor..  1.Roaster,2.Trained PATs.3.10-13 years of services.

PATs||PATs are in Dilemma|| Some are Playing  Abracadabra||

  • Now here we will talk about Supreme court orders….
  • Orders are safe for PATs…Interim Relief is given to PATs  means…You can work till last judgement of court.
  • case 1426 slp changed in to civil suit..It means Quo Status removed but “”The merit of the Orders “”of the supreme court don’t allow to –Two Field officers of HP ”Director and Education Sec””
  • If they will sign on your final file of  regularization it will be contempt of court.Education Sec. will be removed and you will be demoted from your post..Tell me “”Do you want such situation..? I personally don’t want!What you say..?
  • Orders further direct to the govt.that State Govt. can make Recruitment but through ”Commission Only”‘ by following procedure.

PATs|| Tough Situation||

  • Now what are the possibilities..In this situation…With the cooperation of State body…

  1. Keep in touch with they will made a way for you..No other one can save you  in this world.
  2. Regular representation should be made with CM.
  3. Every district representatives should move in routine from your dist.
  4. Every PAT  will have to contribute in respect of  their{ Physical,Social ,Mental and Financial }.
  5. These orders can be again simplified by the govt by making  request to the same Judges on the basis of —
  • Govt.can give affidavit in court for relaxation to PATs community ,
  • Govt can say to the Judges that we want to regularize these teachers service on the basis of service length.I mean 10 years of service..This Ten Years of service length  is already  a ruling made by Supreme Court.
  • If this exercise if govt is doing means you are going to regularize in coming months.
  • If govt is not doing ”You all can compel to the govt to do it in  this or that way but your approach should be goal oriented.So that your”” Face Value and Place Value”” can be better in coming days,weeks or months.

Some Hard Points needed to be addressed||

  • Friends,i Know you are looking for your better carrier..I understand it I am also with you guys running in 14 years.But
  • Friends,If this govt and the CM is Raja Virbadhra Singh could not regularize you …Than it is confirmed.. There is  Non of in this world who could make your life better.
  • Some PATs are going in media…What does it mean.”“.Fox Cry“”  reason is simple ”You are challenged in court and orders don’t support your regularization””
  • Once you will start “”Agitation “CM will stop their working in positive sense..for PATs.You are not regular teachers you are hired one for gap  arrangement in schools.
  • Only govt can take over in cabinet..Once you will free from the clutches of Court.
  • Only amend orders or Simplified new orders can help you .CM and dept…On conditions based regularization
  • Friends,Don’t become Puppets  in the hands of silly guys..They will politicized your matter …And at the end you will be in situational crises which we have had generated in 2010 ..
  • Jis Person ne Aap ka Kaam Karna ha Wo Ha CM of This State and Head of Your Dept.
  • No other personality can do…
  • Hope you will get a complete Hidden meaning of my Request that I made to all 3400 PAT my respected colleagues!!!
  • I hope you will Pardon me ..if it hit hard to any one…!!

In Nut Cell…Join Hands..You 3400 hundred are still enough ..if you all Plan better,work smartly…You can do it better I know it !!!!

Your colleague...Jai PAT Unity !!Jai    To Your Profession!!





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